@MrSkweeze more the better. twitter along with all other centralized social media needs to die. better they switch over to mastodon / fediverse sooner than later

@mastodonusercount wow the average new mastodon users in 24 hours has gone up more than 10x since I last checked a couple weeks ago iirc

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4,383,464 accounts
+36 in the last hour
+1,127 in the last day
+10,489 in the last week

Are there any open source photo sync server / app to replace google photos?

@baguette even *if* most of bitcoin's hashrate is in china, it does *not* mean they "own the network entirely", there is very little China can do to control anything in bitcoin.

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We're hiring a Software Developer for our Anti-Censorship Team.

This developer will work to improve the user experience and process of finding alternate routes to the Tor network when global censorship events block access. FT & remote.

Please share!

@Zachary_BTC @Seccour "public verification" without the voting data of individuals is part of the technical challenge, but its still just that: a technical challenge that with enough time can get solved, it's like saying paper voting will *always* bet better: I call bs

@melik @Seccour how is that not also an issue with paper voting?

@melik @Seccour also, if you are arguing something more fundamental, (say that nothing is sybil-resistant,) then that just is a statement on the viability of voting itself, not of any technical method

@melik @Seccour I think many of these issues could be solved even if it relied on a centralized database of identity -> public-key associations

@melik @Seccour I said nothing about the counting process being centralized, I think it can be done entirely decentralized. I think I need to clarify that I do not claim to have a solution, nor that a solution would be easy (I think it is quite the challenge) but for anyone to argue (especially bitcoiners) that paper voting is superior to *any possible* cryptographic scheme is mind boggling. If decentralized money can be solved, so can a voting system.

@melik @Seccour why assume counting cannot be done in a decentralized fashion?

@Seccour voting is very broken that none of it is independently verifiable, one must assume that is abused.

@Seccour you are short-sighted if you think a system cannot be developed to suite all of the needs for such a system. Paper proves absolutely nothing, and is extremely easy to fake, and nobody can independently prove anything. If I have a paper that has a "vote" on it with my squiggly signature, it proves absolutely nothing.

@Seccour actually no, it's the same thing. Do you trust a squigly signature over a cryptographic signature?

@Seccour @Zachary_BTC So is it bad that bitcoin relies on "specialized knowledge" to independently verify the integrity of the chain?

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